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Individual Consultations: Fall 2020


Due to the continuing COVID-19 health crisis, our in-person consultations have been replaced with telephone consultations for the near future. The telephone consultants were successfully piloted over the summer and now continue into the fall.

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Support When You Need it Most


Whether you are facing a serious health issue, hospital admission, or want to quit smoking, the Health Options Program has you covered. Our plan options provide financial protection from the high cost of health care, and other programs—such as the Elder Care and Health Care Management Programs—help with everything else.

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Healthy Start to the New Year


Flu season is here. If you haven’t already, schedule your flu shot before the season is in full swing.

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Diabetes 101: The Basics


Diabetes is a condition that affects the amount of insulin a person’s body produces. Insulin is important because it moves sugar (glucose) from our bloodstreams into our cells after we eat. This is the main source of fuel for our bodies.

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What is an authorized representative?


An authorized representative is someone you’ve designated to represent you and act on your behalf in matters related to your medical claims.

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