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Fact or Fiction: What Do You Know About Nutrition?

05/10/2019 —

Fact or Fiction: What Do You Know About Nutrition?

The medical, dental, prescription drug and wellness benefits under the Health Options Program help protect and improve your overall health. While these benefits are valuable, it’s also important to get the right nutrition.

Do you know what our bodies need to remain healthy as we go through each stage of life? For example, the body digests food differently and the metabolism slows down as we get older. As this happens, it takes a little more thought and effort to make sure you are getting enough nutrition to maintain muscle mass and a healthy weight.

Take the time to review the table below. Have you debunked the myths or believed in them? Use this information to get back on the path to wellness.

Did You Know…

Fact or Fiction?

As my metabolism slows, you don’t have to eat as much.

Fiction. As a person ages, he/she may need to eat more of some things and less of others. That’s because it may be harder for the body to take in and use certain vitamins and minerals like vitamin B12, calcium, zinc or iron. Certain medications can also affect the absorption of nutrients. Talk to your doctor if you have questions about your medications. 

The more supplements, the better.

Fiction. More of a good thing isn’t always better. For example, excess calcium is absorbed and processed through the kidneys, which increases the risk of kidney stones. Make sure you know the side effects of the supplements you are taking. If you can’t get the necessary nutrients through food, talk to your doctor before adding supplements.

It is OK to skip a meal.

Fiction. It is important to maintain a regular supply of nutrients to your body. Skipping a meal means you are missing out on these nutrients and the benefits they provide.

Wellness is all about diet.

Fiction. It is more than what you eat. Are you able to do physical activity, do you have hobbies that keep your mind active, do you have a social network? All of these factors contribute to your overall wellbeing.



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