Are You Almost 65?

August 16, 2022

If you’re a PSERS retiree about to turn age 65, we’re eager to tell you about the benefits of joining the Health Options Program. We take a number of steps to make sure you understand how the program works.

First, we’ll send you a package of information from four to nine months before your 65th birthday. We mail these twice a year—in the winter for people turning age 65 during the first six months of the following year and in the spring for people turning age 65 in the second half of the year. The package contains a description of the medical and prescription drug benefits available under the Health Options Program—plus a personalized statement that has information specific to you—including your monthly premiums for all your coverage options.

In addition, we conduct virtual group meetings multiple times a year where you can learn about the Health Options Program and ask questions. If you’re unable to attend a live virtual group meeting, you can watch one of the recorded sessions. The live meeting schedule is posted to our website.

Also, if you register on this website, you’ll find a personalized statement with all the same information as the printed statement you receive in the mail. Plus, if you misplace or want another copy of your statement, a printer-friendly version is available.

Get Help

Contact the HOP Administration Unit for assistance with your questions.