Eldercare Resources

Whether you are facing a serious health issue or hospital admission, the Health Options Program has you covered. Our plan options provide financial protection from the high cost of health care, and other programs—such as the Elder Care and Health Care Management programs—help with everything else.

Specially-trained teams just for you.

The HOP Administration Unit, customer service teams, program advocates, and case managers are specially trained in Health Options Program benefits. They are here to support you and your family when you’re faced with a serious health issue, a hospital admission, or want to focus on your well-being.

Elder Care Program

Get connected with general wellness resources to improve overall well-being. The Elder Care program can help with:

  • Local transportation
  • Utilities
  • Prescription drug delivery
  • Nutrition
  • Condition-specific support
  • Discount programs

Call the Elder Care program at 1-866-794-0685, and ask to speak to an advocate.

Health Care Management

If you are going through a more serious health condition or treatment, a representative from the Health Care Management program will reach out to offer assistance. For example, you might receive a call if you have a planned hospital stay or need skilled nursing care.

Need help right away? Don’t wait for a call. Contact the Health Care Management team at 1-800-480-6658.

If you need help managing your care, appoint an authorized representative.


Log in to the Member Dashboard to access self-care guides on a variety of health topics, as well as home safety and emergency preparedness.

Telehealth Services

If you can’t make it to the doctor’s office, telehealth provides access to providers using an interactive two-way telecommunications system (like real-time audio and video). To get started, call your doctor to find out what your telehealth options are. Medicare will cover a telehealth consultation the same way it covers an in-person office visit.

Last Modified: January 25, 2024

Get Help

Contact the HOP Administration Unit for assistance with your questions.