Dental and Vision Coverage

Medicare-eligible members enrolled in the HOP Medical Plan or Value Medical Plan can enroll in the MetLife Dental and EyeMed Vision Option. 

You cannot enroll in the MetLife Dental and EyeMed Vision Option on a stand-alone basis or with a Medicare Advantage plan. However, certain Medicare Advantage plans offer coverage for dental and vision care. 

Important Reminder

If you did not enroll in the MetLife Dental and EyeMed Vision Option when you were first eligible or if you are currently enrolled and drop your coverage, you will not be able to re-enroll in coverage in the future, unless there’s an open enrollment or you experience a Qualifying Event.

MetLife Dental Coverage

With MetLife dental coverage, you can visit any dentist you want, but you’ll save money if you choose an in-network dentist.1


  • Preventive services do not count toward the maximum annual benefit.
  • Receive up to $1,400 annually in basic and major restorative services.
  • With in-network dentists:
    • There is no annual deductible.
    • You pay nothing for preventive care (exams and cleanings). 
    • You pay less than half the cost for all other services (compared to going out of network).
    • You continue to receive discounted rates after reaching the maximum annual benefit. 
Find a dentist

To find an in-network dentist, visit the MetLife website and enter your ZIP code in the MetLife Dental Plan box at the bottom of the page. You can also do an advanced search and find participating dentists by name, distance, and specialty.

For questions about MetLife dental coverage, call the HOP Administration Unit at 1-800-773-7725 or MetLife at 1-855-700-7997.

EyeMed Vision Coverage

With EyeMed vision coverage, you can visit any vision provider you want, but you’ll save money if you choose an EyeMed Insight network provider.


  • Eye examinations, frames, and prescription lenses or medically necessary contact lenses are covered once every other calendar year.
  • When you visit a PLUS Provider (e.g., LensCrafters and Target Optical), you are eligible for an additional $50 frame allowance.
  • The HealthyEyes wellness program keeps the focus on your eye health with online tools, articles, and videos.

Find a vision provider

To find a provider in the EyeMed Insight network, use EyeMed’s Enhanced Provider Search.

  1. Savings from enrolling in the MetLife Preferred Dentist Program will depend on various factors, including how often participants visit the dentist and the costs for services rendered. ↩︎

Last Modified: April 22, 2024

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