Attention Health Options Program Members: Mark Your Calendar for Option Selection Period

September 26, 2023

The Option Selection Period—the time when individuals currently enrolled in the Health Options Program can make changes to their coverage for 2024—runs through November 17. If you’re a current enrollee, this is a great time to evaluate your options and decide whether you want to make any changes to your Health Options Program coverage for 2024.

Watch your mail for more information. You’ll receive your Option Selection Period materials explaining what’s new for 2024 and the coverage options available in your area. Consider these materials carefully, particularly if you have moved or are about to move to a new area. If you’re currently enrolled in the Enhanced, Basic, or Value Medicare Rx Option, the package will also include information about these plans. Unless you notify us otherwise during the Option Selection Period, your current coverage will continue in 2024.

Don’t delay! The Option Selection Period ends November 17, 2023, so be sure to review all the information and submit necessary forms before then. If you have any questions about the coverage options available to you, call the HOP Administration Unit at 1-800-773-7725.

Note: These mailings are exclusively for members currently enrolled in the Health Options Program. If you are not enrolled in health coverage under the Health Options Program, you will not receive the materials described above. If you are not enrolled in the Health Options Program, you may enroll if you experience a Qualifying Event (i.e., turning 65 or losing employer-sponsored coverage).

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