Here’s a Sample of the VIP Treatment You Get With the Health Options Program

June 30, 2024
  • Secure Member Dashboard. Members can get personalized information about their Health Options Program coverage online. Plus, they can contact a Health Options Program customer service representative and pay their premium online.
  • No age-related premium increase. With HOP, members have the security of knowing that, as they age and use benefits more, their monthly premium is not based on their age. The Health Options Program’s premiums for the Medicare Supplement plans are set to a standard rate for age 70 and older. In comparison, many commercial plans increase their monthly premiums relative to a person’s age.
  • Age 65 discount. Once you turn 65, your monthly premium for the HOP Medical Plan—one of the medical plan options for Medicare-eligible participants—will be discounted by 15% if you enroll within the three months before or after the month in which you turn 65. As long as you remain enrolled in the HOP Medical Plan, you’ll receive a discount on your premium each year until your 70th birthday.
  • Premium Assistance for eligible retirees. Premium Assistance through PSERS helps pay for health coverage through the Health Options Program or another Commonwealth public school employer or district health plan. This special financial incentive through HOP is not available with a commercial program such as AARP or Blue Cross Blue Shield.

If you are eligible for Premium Assistance and enroll in either a Medicare Supplement plan or a Medicare Advantage plan through the Health Options Program, PSERS will pay up to $100 per month toward your monthly premium. The amount of the Premium Assistance benefit is determined by the Pennsylvania legislature and is subject to change. Not sure if you are eligible for Premium Assistance? Call 1-800-PSERS25 (1-800-773-7725).

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