Support When You Need it Most

June 22, 2020

Whether you are facing a serious health issue, hospital admission, or want to quit smoking, the Health Options Program has you covered. Our plan options provide financial protection from the high cost of health care, and other programs—such as the Elder Care and Health Care Management Programs—help with everything else.

The best part is you do not need to be a benefit expert. The advocates and case managers are trained on the Health Options Program benefit plans. Let them support you while you focus on your well-being. Each program is designed to focus on a specific type and level of care, as shown below.

Type of Info Elder Care Program (general wellness resources) Health Care Management (medically necessary services)
Program description A service that connects members with resources for their overall well-being. A program that supports members (or their authorized representative) through a serious health condition and related treatment.
How it works

Members can call the Elder Care Program at 1-866-794-0685 to speak to a social and human services advocate.

In certain cases, such as a hospital admission, an advocate may reach out directly to the member.

Advocates also work with Health Care Management case managers.

In most cases, a representative will reach out to members based on their claims experience.

However, members can call the Health Care Management Program at 1-800-480-6658.

A representative will take your information and send it to a case manager, who will contact you at a later time. All case managers are registered nurses.

Examples of when to use these programs
  • If you need help navigating Medicare resources, such as the State Health Insurance Program (SHIP).
  • If you need to find local meal delivery, transportation, utility assistance, or prescription drug delivery and discount programs.
  • If you need general wellness, specific condition care, or nutrition resources (e.g., smoking cessation tips).
  • When you need help planning for recovery or looking for alternative methods of medical care or treatment, equipment, or supplies.
  • When you need skilled nursing care at home, a skilled nursing facility, or home intravenous infusion therapy.

Services are available only when they are medically necessary and covered under the Health Options Program.


Get Help

Contact the HOP Administration Unit for assistance with your questions.