SilverSneakers: Improving Lives through Fitness

October 19, 2020

The SilverSneakers® fitness program, available at no additional cost to members enrolled in the HOP Medical Plan or the HOP Pre-65 Medical Plan, provides great options for maintaining your health and wellbeing. You can visit a gym, take online classes from home, or find a workout group in a nearby park or recreation center.

With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting many gym-goers, SilverSneakers expanded their online offerings. Here’s what some SilverSneakers members have to save about the new online classes:

  • “Thank you for having this available. It was a good class and I enjoyed getting back to exercising…I have missed going to the YMCA. Again, thank you very much.” – Mildred
  • “I’m loving the live classes…Love the modifications and moving really helps. I must say that the class yesterday with Jenny was my favorite. Just enough pushing. Good workout. I’ve signed up for five classes this week so I’m looking forward to those too.” – Nancy
  • “Love the classes. Hope that they will continue on Zoom after the pandemic. I like being scheduled with a particular time to attend.” – Nomi
  • “Without these daily sessions I would have been lost in self-pity. Can’t wait to get back to the gym and see friends again. Great service and thanks from a 76 year old!” – Calvin

2020 Swanson Award Winner

The Swanson Award honors a SilverSneakers member who has improved his or her own life through a healthy lifestyle that incorporates physical activity while inspiring and motivating others along the way.

The 2020 Swanson Award winner was Lloyd Black, a 92-year old retired teacher. Lloyd made the decision to improve his personal fitness by becoming a member of Anytime Fitness at the age of 90. Since then he has been working out at least three times a week building his strength by walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes and doing muscle strength training. He says everyday chores like yard work are now easier for him to do.

Visit the Swanson Award page for more information and to watch an inspiring video about Lloyd’s fitness journey.

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